Patrik Ahlberg


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Patrik Ahlberg @ Form Chicago

"Can't believe we're already 2/3rds of the way thorough the year! Join us and keep the momentum rolling into the fall as we celebrate the winding down of summer at "Form Vo. 8". 

Remember, "Cocktail / Social Hour" is at 5PM, and the actual performance / studio filming is at 6PM. 

We are delighted to welcome and champion the following talents: 

D’VILA (FKA Jessica Marks) 

"Music like the dead of night and dirt under your fingernails- D’VILA transports the listener to the romantic mysticism of her inner world. Haunting and transcendent, D’VILAs nuanced compositions and hypnotic vocals defy genre, existing only in the liminal space of dreams. Her full length record, The House of Saturn Return, will be released in the fall through Sooner Or Lady Records (LA/Berlin)."

Patrik Ahlberg

"Patrik Ahlberg is a multi-instrumentalist and folk music preservationist from Sweden (now residing in Chicago). His talent and style is in demand for his versatility in being able to authentically play, interpret, and perform vast styles of both the United States (Appalachian, Old Time, Bluegrass, etc) and his native Sweden. 

His current projects include duets of contemporary tunes and arrangements with Nashville fiddler George Jackson, a duo with Norwegian hardanger fiddler Vidar Skrede, and a solo exploration of Swedish fiddle tunes on the classical guitar.

His tastes are not limited to "folk music" tho! He can be found nodding his head to the sounds of Psyche Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classical, you name it. We are delighted to bring a truly worldly musician to Form's studio audience!"

Lil Kydd!?

Lil Lydd!? says of himself, "I'm an alternative Hip-Hop lyricist from the Midwestern suburbs here to change the rap game by imparting knowledge, relatability and insight upon listeners." And change your prospective of the game he will; with his wildly insightful flow and a stage demeanor delivered with truthful swag. 


There is a 10$ donation which can be purchased in advance via Event-bright. There is a slight up-charge for door tickets (cash please). Seating is limited! So RSVP is suggested. 

Doors close for filming by 6:15 at the latest and after that we will ask you to politely wait for the song to be over before entering."